QuizATAhon was an integral part of #ATAGTR2016 and #ATAGTR2017, it is back here now.

Remember this is your entry pass to the best and most fun filled global testing conference

#ATAGTR2018 #QuizATAhon will be a series of quiz's starting from 16th July 2018 till 8th September 2018.

There would be in total 8 quiz competitions.

8 Winners will get a chance to attend #ATAGTR2018 at no cost at all and 16 runner ups will be able to attend the conference at extremely discounted rates.

This time the quiz will be focused on Selenium related questions. The quizATAhon competition is powered by CP-SAT.

CP-SAT and CP-SAT Advanced are the only globally recognized certifications on Selenium. It has two exams, 1 hour theory exam and 2 hour practical exam http://cpsat.agiletestingalliance.org

New quiz questions will be uploaded on every Monday of the week

Quiz winners will be announced on the official website on the subsequent Monday

QuizATAhon 5 Winners

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Rules and Regulations for #QuizATAhon 2018

Selenium #QuizATAhon 2018 Curator Team

Nishi Grover
Kushan Amrasiri
Pallavi Sharma
Shivram mani
Narendra Gupta
Aditya Garg
Brijesh Deb